Business Consulting

Our consulting services represent an opportunity to find unexploited revenue streams and identify cultural threats that put your organization’s vision in jeopardy.

Why Business Consulting is Important

The current state of things isn’t how you want them to be. You know what the desired state is, but you need an expert’s advice and have the right tools shared with you to get there.

The purpose of a consultation is to hear out the your organization’s needs and help identify an action plan for solving the challenges and accomplishing their goals at the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Funneled Consulting Process

We have noticed that businesses and organizations alike request consulting services on specific areas that turn out to be technically confused with overlapping disciplines.

That means that Virtual Sigma selects the right subject matter experts on the basis of our inductive consulting session to ensure you are provided with the right strategy.

Since our consulting process implies following up with the development of the advised strategy, given the result-driven commitment of our firm, we also provide implementation options to be 100% accountable for your expected results.

Consulting Services

Market Research

Understand market, accounts, buyers and users. This ensures the strategy is differentiated from the competition in the eyes of the marketplace.

Market Strategy

Determine how you will serve customers, the markets you will compete in, the competition you will face, and how you will win.


Segmentation Strategy

Gain a deep understanding of the market, accounts, and buyers so that you can make smarter decisions on how to allocate resources.

Product Strategy

Make investments in products and services that are aligned with your corporate strategy and that buyers are eager to purchase.


Pricing Strategy

Create price positioning, structures, and levels to execute a value-based pricing strategy that will maximize your revenues.


Talent Strategy

Place the right talent in the right performance conditions to execute your go-to-market strategy.


Marketing Strategy

Gain insights from your online market about how they connect with you and increase brand awareness and drive traffic to generate optimized conversions.

Sales Strategy

Turn market demand into revenue by allocating sales resources effectively to drive revenues up and selling costs down.

Customer Success Strategy

Build lasting relationships with your customers to ensure revenue retention and increase revenue from existing customers. 

Technological Advisory

Have the right software assessed and sorted out for your internal and external processes to succeed in achieving your objectives.

Lean Process Improvement

Identify, measure and improve your core processes to deliver higher product quality, customer satisfaction and revenue growth with our process improvement assistance.

Organizational Culture Improvement

Boost employee commitment and loyalty by improving communication and collaboration across your organization.

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