Mobile App Development

Boost profit and user loyalty with a proprietary app developed strategically for you.

Tell us what your needs and goals are and we’ll design an application aligned with your goals. You may have the platform you are looking for without worrying about the technical management if necessary.

How We Help

Android app.

At Virtual Sigma we offer a complete development service that allows you to create innovative apps and games for mobile devices in a Java language environment.

You can monitor the activity of your application in real time to have all the updated information on statistics, trends, access forms, system failures or user behavior. So you can make the right decisions for your business.


Designing elegant iOS applications, with many functions and personalized comes with a lot of complexity and our innovative Virtual Sigma technical team can handle everything easily.

Our iOS experts have the ability to manage multi-threaded environments, create advanced algorithms and provide architectural and technical leadership in the development of your main application.

Quality control tests

An important part of the development is to test every possible interaction with the application. The qualified quality control team of Virtual Sigma thoroughly tests all the features before they are implemented in the public. Virtual Sigma is not satisfied until the highest level of quality is reached.

Have a Project in Mind?

In Virtual Sigma we help you to carry out your project, get in touch with us. Improve communication with your customers, get notoriety and relaunch your sales in a simple way thanks to mobile apps. In Virtual Sigma we help you to turn any application into reality so you get the best out of mobility and availability in real time.

We’re Ready to Help!

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