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We help you design, implement and optimize the right processes to achieve your target results.

Virtual Sigma provides creative communication solutions for companies and associations at a global level. We help our clients identify their message, personalize it for their audience and promote their brand. We offer the two things that count: the creativity to create a message that adheres and the technical ability to transmit that message with impact.

Our Solutions


It is a broad umbrella of animation and design specialized in graphics based on the joint use of hearing and sight, through recorded images and sounds for film, television and digital media in general, as well as steps on how ” design a design. ” It involves research, analysis and deep understanding of the end user.

Graphic Design

At Virtual Sigma our goal is to find the solution that best suits your visual communication needs. Either to promote, or to design the entire image of your company or entity, we work with absolute dedication, efficiency and always looking for the most professional design. We do not settle for mediocre designs. 

UX-UI Design<br />

We follow a user-centered design approach. This means that our design decisions are guided by an understanding of how users interact with your product. We use prototypes to illustrate functionality in a way that the specifications of the screen can evaluate the appearance of an application or website, before investing in the actual development.

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