Information Architecture.

Basically, IA is the half-art-half-science process of deciding how the content of a digital project will be organized and labeled. Great IA comes from having a profound understanding of the project itself and its intended audience. An IA designer is tasked with organizing and labeling all of the content in a way that a customer can locate and access it easily.

User interface: the skin.

IA is very much a behind-the-scenes discipline. The front line of any digital product is the user interface. This is the part of the machine that interacts with humanity, sort of like the terminators for Skynet but hopefully with less death and world dominance.

User experience: the heart

The end goal of great IA and UI design is the overall user experience, or UX, which is all about the emotion that people feel while using the product and, by extension, how they feel about the company.

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