User Flow.

Flow charts remain my favorite artifact in the design process. With increasingly complex apps, flow charts help to model fluid, conversational experiences.

User Flow.

Flow charts, like any deliverable in the design process, is an excuse to talk to your team. As much as we like complaining about meetings and formal deliverables, the truth is that design work would come to a dead stop without (a) conversations and (b) pictures.

Showing object life cycles

The flows we create are designed to make changes to digital objects. Digital objects are virtual representations of things from the real world. A digital object is discrete and has characteristics that users can manipulate.

An event in the real world is represented by “event” in the app you’re designing. People can RSVP for the event. Admins can edit the event. The event is an instance of a certain template (content type) which has properties (characteristics) and methods (actions we can perform on the object).

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