Digital Consulting

We focus your business to the digital world, improving its presence in the Online Channel, optimizing the positioning and facilitating the connection between client and company.


In Virtual Sigma as a Strategic Consultancy and Marketing Agency, we help companies to be digital and to lead change and the implementation of customized solutions.

A service specially designed for our customers to identify the best actions and provide knowledge at the time of strategy decision. All this in order to incorporate models of analysis, prediction and the best performance of the online channel.

Virtual Sigma’s Digtal Consulting services are 100% focused on bringing the vision of the Canal’s performance to the business. We have managed to help companies and organizations to exponentially improve their presence in the Digital and Online Channel by contributing how to operate and how to integrate the connection between client and company, fostering a dialogue of interaction between them and providing tangible results.

Our services in Digital Consulting

– Web Analytics

– Online Channel Performance

– Online Customer Experience

– Customer Experience Digital

– Funnel attributions

– Conversions in the Online Channel

– Definition of KPI indicators

– Digital analytics panels


– Electronic commerce

– Website / Portal

– Blog

– Social media

– Acquired Channel, Earned Media Channels and Payment Actions: SEM, Marketing Performance, Email Marketing, etc.

– Definition of objectives

– Definition roadmap implementation
in the Online and Digital Channel

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