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After investing time and money in optimizing your website for the major search engines, are your efforts running low? If SEO is really the most effective way to market a business, what is the deal? Chances are you’re pointing to the wrong keywords.


Thorough research and analysis of the keywords should be the basis of any SEO campaign. Too often, however, this crucial step is rushing too fast, resulting in a lower list of keywords and keyword phrases to aim for. Regardless of how carefully your site is optimized from this point forward, your efforts will be lost. Talk about frustrating!

In Virtual Sigma we help you

Since the optimization of a website for each conceivable relevant key phrase is prohibitively expensive, the selection of the right keywords makes the difference. The process of research and analysis of key words of Virtual Sigma, developed during years, has achieved the best results for the clients in a wide range of competitive B2B and B2C niches.

Our efficient keyword research services prepare you for success Experience and Experience Straight North has been doing this service since 2005. Our full-time internal SEO team understands the many nuances of competitive keyword research. Today we have keyword research projects going on day after day.

Our keyword services include:

Initial keyword discovery

Through the use of a variety of online tools and input from you and your team, we develop a complete list of keywords and phrases relevant to your site. This initial and complete list lays the foundation for what is to come.


Reduce things down

It is not practical to try to optimize every conceivable key word or phrase. You do not want to attract the majority of visitors; You want to attract the right ones. The next step, therefore, is to reduce the initial list. This means eliminating keywords that do not attract the right users. By knowing your demographic goal, for example, you can exclude specific keywords. In the same way, the keywords that are too generic are deleted. We will also consider the volume of searches

Discovery of long tail keywords

By developing a short list of keywords and phrases, I developed a list of long-tail keywords. These are lower volume phrases that have a high probability of generating conversions and sales. Including this level of specificity is an excellent way to attract users who are ready to act. For example, “the best plumber in Dallas.”

Competitive analysis of keywords

We also analyze some of your main competitors to see what keywords and phrases are targeted. This is a great way to identify highly effective keywords that can push some users away from the competition and move to your site. You can read the publication of my blog about the importance of research of SEO competitors.

Specific orientation of the city

When doing this research, I also take into account the user’s location. If you are only interested in targeting users in a particular region, it makes sense to point out keywords and phrases that tend to be used in that part of the world. Of course, if you are not geographically restricted, this step is not that important.

Local SEO Targeting Targeting

Speaking of the user’s location, if you need to market goods and services locally, I can customize my research to identify keywords that increase their position in the local search engine lists. I am very skilled at optimizing websites for local SEO and selecting the right locally relevant keywords, and phrases play an important role in that.


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