Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Virtual Sigma will develop and manage the client’s platforms at the contractual discretion established by the Client. Any additional features, modalities or other changes to the project may affect the schedule and costs set forth in this document, and will require a separate change order document.

Payment terms.

Invoices will be generated on the dates agreed between the client and Virtual Sigma; and expire 15 days after being generated. Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card.

Our politicy.

All works produced as a result of the design, development or marketing project will become the exclusive intellectual property of the Client and Virtual Sigma reserves the right to use visual representations of the final product as part of our project portfolio.

Charges and Costs.

Credit card payments are subject to an additional 3.9% convenience fee. Payments made after the due date of an invoice are subject to a late charge of 5% for each month in arrears on the expired balance..

Complaints and disputes.

All our services are guaranteed satisfaction and in case of disagreement about any aspect of the process or the results of the project, they can be scaled to help@virtualsigma.com.


Virtual Sigma is a firm of professionals at the service of our clients, who must have the seriousness, commitment and maturity of their requests when ordering or ordering the changes made by our team. In case of suspension or cancellation of the project without full justification, Virtual Sigma reserves the right to reimburse funds.

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