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Nonprofit Organizations

We help nonprofit organizations find and create sources of funding while reducing public skepticism to improve donor retention through our methodology best practices.

Nonprofit Priorities


Our Methodology

In this stage of our relationship with our clients, we make sure to understand the internal and external conditions that are serving as main challenges to the organization’s objectives.
Once we have worked to understand the main challenges of our clients, we drive our attention into developing an action plan to be executed by the right team on the right subjects.
In this stage of our methodology we get together with our analysts and decision makers to evaluate the results and find potential areas of improvement.
We optimise by validating that the right teams have been selected and that the tools and resources have been well adopted to establish future conditions that guarantee the desired results.
Once the methodology has produced the desired outcome, you can feel free to experiment with alternative routes of unexplored success.

Our Capabilities

Our company specializes in 6 main areas of business development and management, such as Technology, Marketing, Business Consulting, BPO, Content Management, Design and Animation.


Our Clients


Virtual Sigma has made an outstanding job for our company. They just totally fulfilled our expectations. We highly recommend it. Thank you very much!

Vacations Land


VirtualSigma redesigned our company's website. They implemented it with WordPress and did a short video for the front page which turned out perfect. Their prices were very good and the level of service was very professional. I definitely recommend them for any web design, development project. They have very skilled and professional people working there. Thank you to all the VirtualSigma team!

George Moreno

CEO at Snowcapint

Working with the team at Virtual Sigma is like having my own helpdesk and staff focused on continuously improving our areas of opportunities. From marketing to sales, they are a one stop workshop that allows me to focus on what I do best, and outsource the rest for very affordable pricing.

Murtazi Sharvashidze

CEO at BID Company

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We know that every professional, every business, every organization is unique; even if they are competing in the same market. We have collected data from our business operations over the past decade and have created a methodology of data-driven improvement that can help you fine-tune the conditions of your organizational success.

Evidently, we are a people’s business and we leverage our methodology to understand how businesses and organizations of all sizes can improve over the course of our relationship. That entails having to adapt to market conditions, businesses priorities, and resources availability.

For more information about our service dynamics, ask your account manager or read our FAQ section.

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Why Should I Choose Virtual Sigma?

Virtual Sigma makes possible to have access to an entire team of professionals that will help you become more productive in less time without breaking the bank (See Our Full Capabilities).

From a business advisor to software engineers and graphic designers; All of them working for you under the same objective; maximize your revenue and efficiency (See How We Can Help).

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade At Any Time

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time by sending an email to accounts@ or by simply letting us know directly through your dedicated account manager. Moreover, during your performance insights briefing we can determine if your subscription needs to be upgraded/downgraded, depending on your approval.

  • Upgrades can be applied immediately to speed up your acion plan execution and meet the expected results sooner.
  • Downgrades are applied at the next billing cycle so that you don’t miss out any results from the efforts being executed.

Before changing your subscription, we will inform you about the changes in our activity and their potential impact on your upcoming results.