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Easy to use
Easy to use

The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes planning fun again.

Find clarity
Find clarity

Everyone can have a ``bird's eye view`` of tasks and deadlines.

Stay up to date
Stay up to date

Plan and collaborate in real time. Toggl Plan updates instantly.


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Seamlessly see the tasks that need your attention, check when your next meeting is coming up, and keep up with your progress.

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List of the tasks that require your attention.

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Google Calendar integration to see when interruptions will happen.

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Google Drive integration to easy access your docs and files.

What We Do Best
What We Do Best

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Seamlessly see the tasks that need your attention, check when your next meeting is coming up, and keep up with your progress.


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A beautiful landing page, without code.

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Design is a team sport. Collaborate with everyone.

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We know that every professional, every business, every organization is unique; even if they are competing in the same market. We have collected data from our business operations over the past decade and have created a methodology of data-driven improvement that can help you fine-tune the conditions of your organizational success.

Evidently, we are a people’s business and we leverage our methodology to understand how businesses and organizations of all sizes can improve over the course of our relationship. That entails having to adapt to market conditions, businesses priorities, and resources availability.

For more information about our service dynamics, ask your account manager or read our FAQ section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We Deploy a Team of Professionals for Your Success!

Why Should I Choose Virtual Sigma?

Virtual Sigma makes it possible to have access to an entire team of professionals that will help you become more productive in less time without breaking the bank (See Our Full Capabilities).

From a business advisor to software engineers and graphic designers; All of them working for you under the same objective; maximize your revenue and efficiency (See How We Can Help).

Do I get free updates?

Yes. We update all of our themes with each Bootstrap update, plus are constantly adding new components, pages, and features to our themes.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade At Any Time

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time by sending an email to accounts@ or by simply letting us know directly through your dedicated account manager. Moreover, during your performance insights briefing, we can determine if your subscription needs to be upgraded/downgraded, depending on your approval.

  • Upgrades can be applied immediately to speed up your action plan execution and meet the expected results sooner.
  • Downgrades are applied at the next billing cycle so that you don’t miss out on any results from the efforts being executed.

Before changing your subscription, we will inform you about the changes in our activity and their potential impact on your upcoming results.

Does it work with Rails? React? Laravel?

Yes.  has basic CSS/JS files you can include. If you want to enable deeper customization, you can integrate it into your assets pipeline or build processes.