Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is already one of the most important social networks, not in vain, the positioning for online stores has a fundamental weight if we talk about Pinterest, which at this time has one of the highest conversion rates for this sector.v

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Why pinterest?

On Pinterest, people discover, dream and get down to work. More than 250 million people using Pinterest to find new ideas want to know you. people are ready to get down to work. Explore the feed to find inspiration, search for topics that interest them, and click on Pines for more information. It is the ideal place for you to publish your content and help people decide what they want to try. In fact, 83% of users made purchases after seeing the pins of a brand.

Work with Virtual Sigma

Pinterest Works in all types of companies, regardless of their size or scope. Our flexible advertising products show your products and ideas to the right people at the right time. All your ideas can materialize on Pinterest.

Start now

If you want to take advantage of Pinterest to the fullest, it is better to create an account for companies. We can open a new account or convert your personal account into one for companies. After doing so, you’ll get more detailed information with the Analytics tool and you can start running ads. For more information on the basics of Pinterest, contact Virtual Sigma

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