Customer Support

We help you design, implement and optimize the right processes to achieve your target results. Customers are increasingly demanding, and not only seek price and quality, but also, good service, a pleasant atmosphere, comfort, personalized service, fast service. Get to know Virtual Sigma’s customer service.

The Virtual Sigma customer service offers remote and on-site problem resolution with proactive application updates. Whether the problem is large or small, with Virtual Sigma customer service, you will receive help quickly and efficiently at each point of contact.

Always available

Our trained service professionals provide a single point of contact available 24/7/365. Remote capabilities and geographically deployed field engineers drive timely resolution of a wide range of problems.

Quick resolution

We have developed a case management process that provides effective solutions quickly and efficiently. Escalation procedures at levels ensure that critical business problems receive a special priority.

Collaborative self-service

If you want to solve problems on your own, we provide you with all kinds of tools to get the job done. The Community of Aspect portal offers a forum to access the knowledge of our experts and other users.

Proactive support services.

Our engineers are always looking to the future to detect possible problems and correct them long before they become problems. Under an Aspect support plan, you’ll receive free software updates and service packs to help you stay peak.

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